Yonatan Razel Performs At Concert With Eyes Covered Due To Tzniyus

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A video of a popular Chareidi singer and songwriter performing onstage with his eyes covered has elicited strong responses.
Yonatan Razel was playing his keyboard and singing at a concert at Binyanei Hauma in Yerushalyim on Sunday night, when he put the tape over his eyes during one song as women in the audience began to dance. Video of the incident was played on Hadashot television news.

Razel is an American-born musician, and one of most popular Chareidi performers in Israel. He recently released his third album.

The video has divided many in Israel, with some praising Razel’s actions while others say if he had an issue then he should not have accepted the money to perform at the concert.

https://cdn.theyeshivaworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/DQMf9GoW4AITv80.jpgYonatan Razel
A Kikar Hashabbat poll http://www.kikar.co.il/poll_results.php?poll_id=547 as of the first day of Chanuka 5778 reported out of 7344 responses, 68.48% approved, of Razel’s action.