Hakol Hayehudi: The Terrorist that Recently Injured 5 Jews Had a Work Permit that Allowed him to Work in the Area

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The Terrorist (source: https://www.bhol.co.il/news/1575733 )
Five were injured, including one in serious condition and four in moderate condition in a shooting attack near the mall. The terrorist had worked with a permit at the municipal community center. In the shooting spree, five Jews were injured, one of them in a serious condition and four in a moderate condition. The seriously injured is Avraham ben Esther and his family requests many prayers for him. A police officer on vacation ran towards the terrorist along with other residents, exchanged fire with him and eliminated him.The terrorist is Mohand Almazareh, from the village of El Azaria, which is located near Ma’aleh Adumim. Mayor Benny Kashriel told Channel 14 that the terrorist worked for about two weeks cleaning at the community center and his father worked at the community center for about twenty years. “We have 6,500 employees and there are also Palestinian doctors who provide services to the residents of Ma’ale Adumim,” Kashriel said.The Deputy Mayor of Ma’ale Adumim Guy Yifrach announced that following the attack, the entry of workers to Ma’ale Adumim is prohibited until further notice. “We are all praying for the healing of the wounded. We will gather tonight with all the security forces to assess the situation. At the moment there is no entry of workers into the city until further notice. All construction sites in the city were immediately evacuated. In addition, due to the attack in the city, I decided to postpone all the events scheduled in the city on the occasion of Tu B’av,” he said.

The Handwriting was on the Wall

A few months ago Hakol Hayehudi revealed that the terrorist who carried out the shocking massacre near the synagogue in Neve Ya’akov and murdered seven, was working on a construction site at the Yaffe Nof school complex in Ma’ale Adumim….

The terrorist who carried out the double bomb attack in Jerusalem a few months ago and killed two Jews also worked at a factory in the Mishor Adumim industrial area. The terrorist who murdered three Jews near the Ariel industrial zone was also employed in the industrial zone, as well as a terrorist who carried out a drive-by attack at the gas station across from Mikmash and wounded a female soldier at the Rami Levy branch in Ariel.

Comment: This is further proof for what Ariel N. Pasko wrote about years ago: Reality Check: Palestinian-Israeli Coexistence is a Big Lie

Adolph Hitler Meeting With The Mufti of Jerusalem to Plot Against the Jews

Years ago Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky taught that yeshivas are forbidden to endandger their community and Jews in general by hiring such individuals, press here for details.