What Comment Did Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko Make About the Covid Vax That Led to Reinstating the Ban on Him on Twitter, Earlier This Month?

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The following is the comment by Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko that led to the new Twitter ban.

I wanted to just quickly comment on Twitter. As I heard that Musk was buying Twitter I thought that the culture would be different; so I signed up again and to my surprise they let my account exist.
So within 4 days I had 175000 followers and I was sharing information and this morning I posted the following question; which was, according to the CDC 99.998% of healthy children recover from Covid with no treatment; and my question was, so what is the rationale for vaccinating this demographic? I thought it was a legitimate question.
Within 2 minutes my account was suspended.
I don’t really care about Twitter. It’s not that I really want to be on this platform. I care about you and I want to be able to convey and transmit information effectively; and the information that I transmit to the best of my knowledge is accurate; it’s the true narrative, based on my experience, my research, my teaching.
So I think the real victim here is the American people.
We are being censored. Only the false narrative is being pumped into the homes of the American people; and anything that has at least legitimate medical truth is being suppressed.

Appendix: Zelenko Didn’t Explain in that Post What’s so Bad About Saving Even a Tiny Fraction of the Population Through the Vaccine

But I saw on https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/11/shockingly-insane-cdc-big-pharma-data-show-save-lives-less-50-children-covid-5000-children-will-die-vaccine/ a Nov. 2021 ( Kislev 5782), 5782article:

Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer VP argued earlier this month that children are 50 times more likely to be killed by the COVID vaccines than the virus itself,”

Yeadon was a chief scientific officer and vice president at Pfizer before he left in 2011 after more than 16 years at the company.