We Want Korban Pesach Now (14 Nissan 5782)! Itamar Chadad is arrested for trying to restore the Passover sacrificial service on the Temple Mount.

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Itamar Chadad

Itamar Chadad pictured above was one of the activists temporarily arrested for trying to bring an animal for sacrifice on the Temple Mount on the 14th of Nissan 5782 (April 15, 2022) which he is holding in his hands. The picture was from the Hebrew Facebook page of Chozrim LaHar. When the government supports all the necessary infrastructure, some rabbis believe we can solve all the halachic issues to restore parts of the sacrificial service like the Korban Pesach. Other rabbis disagree.

I assume Itamar Chadad didn’t really expect that the left-wing government of Naftali Bennett would permit Korban Pesach. I assume he was trying to show some future government, that the Jewish people are still interested in fulfilling this fundamental commandment that gave us merit to survive the 10th plague and leave Egypt.

Before the exodus from Egypt, the nation of Israel angered the ancient Egyptians by slaughtering the animals that the Egyptians deified and placed the blood of those sacrifices on their doorposts.

It also might be that in the future that some very politically incorrect act will be needed to restore Korban Pesach (the Passover sacrifice).