On Funding the Ukraine War, Let’s Make A Deal. They Absorb the Gazans in Exchange for Republicans Agreeing to Fund the Ukrainians.

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The Bible as interpreted by Ohr Hachaim, promises that nothing less than full transfer of the Gazan population to a distant land will end the warfare between Israel and Gaza (see, Ohr Hachaim to the Biblical Book of Numbers Chapter 33 verses 52 to 56).

Right now we lack a distant country as a destination for the Gazans.

Perhaps the Ukrainians would be willing to make a deal. They agree to take in the Gazans as refugees in exchange for Republicans agreeing to continue funding the Ukrainian side against the Russian invaders.

In addition to make the deal even more appealing to Republicans maybe the Ukrainians will also have to agree to take in some illegal migrants that have flooded the U.S.A.

New Addition: Dr. Mordechai Kedar, expert on Islam and Arab affairs in an audio interview claimed that Hamas struck too soon.

The original plan was a joint attack of Hamas on Israel together with Iran, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen all at the same time.

If Yemen is an active enemy, this opens up another place to transfer the Gazan population.

To quote from the post How Hitler Continues to Attack the Jewish Majority Decades After His Demise

One of the failures of the Gush Emunim, settlers movement was their focus on new settlements without sufficient focus on removal of the enemies of G-d from the liberated territories of Biblical Israel. My preferred destination for them is to send them to Yemen, based on a viewpoint that Sheba of the Biblical book of Yoel/Joel 4:8 is probably Yemen and this country is listed as the future destination point of “Tyre and Sidon and all the regions of Philistia” (Yoel/Joel 4:4).

Addition #2 US Navy Intercepts 3 Missiles From Yemen Possibly Heading To Israel