Golan Heights
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Trump’s Support for Israeli Sovereignty over the Golan Heights and the Blessing of Eisav (Esau)

Rashi’s commentary to Bereishit (the people who made the space craft spell it Beresheet) – Genesis – Chapter 27:28 explains that the blessing given to the father of the nation of Israel, namely Yaakov (Jacob) was conditional based on merit. But to his spiritually weaker brother Eisav (Esau) Yitzchak (Isaac) gave an unconditional blessing.

This is a quote of the translation of Rashi by https://www.chabad.org/library/bible_cdo/aid/8222/jewish/Chapter-27.htm#showrashi=true

But to Esau he said, “The fat places of the earth shall be your dwelling place.” Whether righteous or wicked, He will give to you. And from him [Isaac], Solomon learned; when he built the Temple, he arranged his prayer, [saying that] an Israelite, who has faith and justifies the Divine decree upon himself, will not complain about You; therefore (I Kings 8:39): “and give to every man [Israelite] according to his ways,” for You know what is in his heart. But a gentile lacks faith; therefore [Solomon] said (ibid. verse 43): “You shall hear in heaven, etc., and do according to all that the stranger calls upon You for,” i.e., whether he is deserving or undeserving, give to him, so that he should not complain about You. [This is found] in an old and correct edition of Rashi .) [From Tanchuma Buber, Toledoth 14]

Although being in favor of Israeli control of the Golan only indirectly helps the effort to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem a little bit, I was happy to see what appears to be an immediate payback to Trump over his pro-Golan policy. Here is a quote from https://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/general/1701571/trumps-best-day-ever.html

He kept up a fist-pumping victory lap over the end of the Mueller probe. Basked in gushy accolades from a foreign leader. Saw a former nemesis humiliated by the feds.

To most of America, it was just another Monday. For President Donald Trump, it was, perhaps, his best day ever.

Trump started his day firing off exuberant tweets over the end of the special counsel investigation, segued to a back-slapping meeting with the Israeli prime minister and held a celebratory photo-op with the Stanley Cup-winning Washington Capitals. To top it off, news broke along the way of the arrest of attorney Michael Avenatti, who rose to fame representing a woman who alleged a relationship with a married Trump, though Trump denied it.

By any measure it was a good day for Trump. But the president’s hot streak was all the more noticeable given just how many tough days he has had. Since taking office, he’s been dogged by investigations and staff turnover. He has clashed repeatedly with Congress, governed over a deeply divided country and seen huge pushback against his presidency in the midterm elections.

On Monday, though, everything was coming up Trump.

Am I making any predictions here about the future? No! I do not know how long the President’s winning streak will last, nor do I know if Trump will continue this policy of aiding the expansion of the Biblical land of Israel or go in the other direction. In particular I am worried about Trump’s so-called “Deal of the Century” which is supposed to be made public after Israel’s upcoming election.

My interest in publicizing this is that I want those individuals who have influence over Trump to come away with the feeling that doing actions to respect and advance the rebuilding of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem will be for their benefit.

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