Trump’s Spiritual Path To Victory Based on Bible Codes

There are men that are smarter than me to suggest to Trump what political moves he has to do to improve his situation.

If he wants extra-special assistance from the Creator of the Universe, he should start supporting Jewish expansion throughout all the Biblical land of Israel.

I am giving this advice for the same reason Bava Ben Buta gave advice to Herod (Hurdus).

Introduction: Several Presidents of the U.S.A. Have A Common Last Name

Two Presidents shared the last name Adams. Two shared the last name Johnson. Two shared the last name Roosevelt and two shared the last name Bush.

So even if the Bible code suggests a certain future for a person with a particular last name, it is hard to tell if the Torah is hinting at a person currently in the news or someone entirely different.

This is one of a number of reasons, I personally wanted to be cautious about predicting the election results based on Torah codes.

2 Appearances of Trump in the Torah in equal intervals between 1 and 100

Version 22 of the Bar Ilan Responsa Project has an option to allow searching for words in code in equal intervals between 1 and 100.
Out of curiosity I checked where does the name Trump appear in the Torah.
I got two results.
He appears in intervals of 73 starting from the first word in Shmot (Exodus 23:30) and ending in the third word of Shmot (Exodus 24:3)

He also appears in intervals of 2 in Vayikra (Leviticus 14:11).


In Hebrew מ and ם  are the same letter. Out of respect for the name of the Creator of the Universe, Bar Ilan Responsa Project used the letter ק to represent the letter ה in that name. In the real Biblical text ה is used.

This is the translation of Shmot (Exodus 23:30) to Shmot (Exodus 24:3) according to

23:30 I will drive [the inhabitants] out little by little, giving you a chance to increase and [fully] occupy the land.
23:31 I will set your borders from the Red Sea to the Philistine Sea, from the desert to the river. I will give the land’s inhabitants into your hand, and you will drive them before you.
23:32 Do not make a treaty with [these nations] or with their gods.
23:33 Do not allow them to reside in your land, since they may then make you sin to Me. You may even end up worshiping their gods, and it will be a fatal trap to you.
24:1 [God] said to Moses, ‘Go up to God along with Aaron, Nadav and Avihuand seventy of the elders of Israel. [All of] you must bow down at a distance.
24:2 Only Moses shall then approach God. The others may not come close, and the people may not go up with him.
24:3 Moses came and told the people all of God’s words and all the laws. The people all responded with a single voice, ‘We will keep every word that God has spoken.’

Vayikra (Leviticus 14:11)  as translated by

14:11 The priest tending to the purification process shall stand [all these items] and the person undergoing purification before God at the Communion Tent entrance.
Appearance of Trump in the Torah testing the range of 1 to 100


The name Donald does not appear in front of either of these codes for Trump.

For those that are curious I searched for the appearance of Donald in range of 1 to 100 in the Torah (the 5 books of Moses) and I found 2 appearances in Bereishit (Genesis chapter 5 verse 18) starting from the name Yered (Jared) in intervals of 79 ending with the word ויולד in 5:25 and the second appearance in Dvarim (Deuteronomy 16:15) starting from the word ידיך  in intervals of 69 ending with the word תרדף  verse 16:20.

My Current Analysis of the Hints Given To Trump For the Benefit of Moving the Redemption Forward

The Vayikra (Leviticus 14:11)  quote is hinting to someone named Trump regarding what should be his final steps to end a personal plague.

of Middle East

The other hint for Trump in the verses of  Shmot (Exodus 23:30) to Shmot (Exodus 24:3) in my view is hinting at a strong role for someone named Trump in helping the expansion of the Borders of Israel for the benefit of the nation of Israel.

If President Donald Trump wants to tap into that spiritual energy, he should stop producing fake peace treaties with Muslim extremists that only cause harm to the borders of Israel and he should start promoting a real expansion program.

How Quickly Should Trump Expect A Change For the Better, If He Becomes A Pro-Expansion Leader?

I do not know how fast Trump could expect a change in his situation if he becomes Pro-Expansion of Israel. I also do not know, if the Trump who will help expand the borders of Israel is the current Donald Trump or someone else named Trump.

I do not know if Donald Trump’s fate is already sealed for failure or if he still has a path forward to victory.

But desperate men are sometimes willing to try spiritual solutions, in the hope of getting unusual Divine Assistance. Indeed the Non-Jewish soldier, Naaman, in II Kings chapter 5 was so desperate to end the plague he was suffering from, that he turned to a prophet of Israel for a spiritual cure for his affliction, just in case it might help.

The end result was that Naaman overcame his ego problem and dipped in the Jordan River as the prophet had instructed and he was cured.