Trump Plans to Sell 50 F-35 Fighter Jets to the UAE and I Do Not Plan to Vote This Election

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US confirms sale of 50 F-35 fighter jets to UAE.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israeli Def. Sec. Benny Gantz have dropped their objections to the sale.

I do not drop my objections!Rally to Free Jonathan Pollard

The only things that might make me change my mind about Trump, is a pardon for Jonathan Pollard before the election or some significant “real” and not symbolic move to help Jewish rights on the Temple Mount.

Joe Biden has his own set of problems. He is worse on the issue of violations of the 7 Noachide precepts and supports appeasing Iran.

Clarification: Both Trump and Biden are guilty of terrible crimes against Judea and Samaria and bring Divine Wrath.

The Biblical book of Yoel (Joel) Chapter 4 as translated by states:
For lo! in those days And in that time, When I restore the fortunes Of Judah and Jerusalem,
I will gather all the nations And bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will contend with them Over My very own people, Israel, Which they scattered among the nations. For they divided My land among themselves.

Dividing Biblical Israel is a crime for which the nations will be punished.

Do not confuse my efforts to free Jonathan Pollard or liberate the Temple Mount  with any weakening on my most basic complaint against both candidates.

post by S. Scheinman