Donald Trump Had Planned to Endanger Israel with a Revised Version of the Oslo Accords

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It is true Donald Trump, when he was president took some symbolic measures that were Pro-Israel.

  1. He backed up Israel’s position regarding the Golan Heights.
  2. He reduced the amount of money going to the Palestinian Authority over their pay for slay policy.
  3. His move of the USA embassy to Jerusalem was interpreted as a grant of legitimacy for Israeli control over some parts of Jerusalem.
  4. He took actions to slow down the production of Iranian Nuclear weapons (although he did not go all the way to actually stop the Iranians).

More could be added to this list.

Precisely because he was perceived by many to be Pro-Israel, there was a greater danger that many Israelis would have been fooled into accepting Trump’s dangerous partition plan.

What was the Trump Partition Plan?

For a brief summary of the plan I quote from:

Palestinians and Israelis alike deserve a future of peace and prosperity. A realistic two-state solution will protect Israel’s security, fulfill the aspirations of self-determination for the Palestinian people, and ensure universal and respectful access to the holy sites of Jerusalem.

This Vision would achieve mutual recognition of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people and the future state of Palestine as the nation-state of the Palestinian people—each with equal civil rights for all its citizens. The plan designates defensible borders for the State of Israel and does not ask Israel to compromise on the safety of its people, affording them overriding security responsibility for land west of the Jordan River. For Palestinians, the Vision delivers significant territorial expansion, allocating land roughly comparable in size to the West Bank and Gaza for establishing a Palestinian State. Transportation links would allow efficient movement between Gaza and the West Bank, as well as throughout a future Palestine. The plan does not call for uprooting any Israelis or Palestinians from their homes.

For those who are Biblical Zionists such partition “peace” plans are doomed to failure at the outset.

For an explanation why partition plans are doomed to failure, read about The Biblical Curse As Explained By Ohr Hachaim Hakadosh within the post “The Kfar Darome Miracle Was Not Enough To Save the Jewish Communities in Gaza From the “Deep State” and A Biblical Curse“.

For those who just care about security issues from a secular perspective, there is no real mechanism in the Trump partition plan to prevent the Pro-Terror Arab population located within Biblical Israel to agree to get more than half of their demands through a treaty and then use those concessions as a springboard to get all of their demands.

Indeed this has been the constant experience with the Oslo Terror Accords (called by Leftists the Oslo Peace Accords) that concessions extracted from Israel have been used, and are currently being used as a springboard for further attacks to get more.

And even if there would be some effective clause in the Trump plan to prevent cheating, the clause certainly would not be enforced by some other president, who would want to advance his own “peace agenda”.

Biden with Obama

Biden for example, has already at this stage reversed Trump’s punishment of the Palestinian Authority for “Pay for Slay” payments to terrorists. Or look what happened in Afghanistan. President George Bush invaded Afghanistan with the idea of ridding the country from Taliban terrorists and transforming Afghanistan into a Democracy. Biden on the other hand abandoned America’s allies in Afghanistan and let the Taliban retake control of the country.

If the U.S.A. can’t be trusted on even such a simple issue like Afghanistan, all the more so, they can’t be trusted, in the long-term on Israel, where political reasons to break promises to Israel exist with high intensity in U.S.A. society.