Trump in Diplomatic Language in Essence Promises to Continue Obama’s Policy on Jerusalem

Trump in Huckabee Interview: First Peace, Then Embassy Move

There is a silver lining to this, because if it was up to me I would move all Embassies to the vicinity of Eilat because of what the Chazon Ish mentions in Shvi’it siman 24.
However, in the eyes of the average person, this is a message that Obama policies will continue until USA interests gets a sufficient smack to provide a real political incentive for change.
I say this now, so that at the time that the USA gets this smack, people will not open their mouths to complain, “Why did G-d let this happen?”
As the Biblical book of Yoel/Joel chapter 4 sentence 2 stresses one of the crimes that the nations will be punished for, is “And my land they have divided”.
In particular the land for an impossible peace process angers G-d when it comes to Jerusalem as it says in Zechariah, chapter 1 as translated by

12 And the angel of the Lord replied and said, “O Lord of Hosts! How long will You not have mercy on Jerusalem and upon the cities of Judah, upon whom You are wroth for seventy years already?” י
13 And the Lord answered the angel who was speaking to me, good words-yea, consoling words.
14 And the angel who was speaking to me said to me, “Proclaim, saying: ‘So said the Lord of Hosts, I am jealous for Jerusalem, and for Zion-great jealousy.