If True Peace With Syria Could Be Obtained Despite All The Difficulties Stated Would this Be Desirable?

Suprisingly to some, the answer is no!

The reason is that if there were true peace, the numbers and influence of Israel’s Arab population (currently about 20% of the population) would grow to such an extent that they would be able to eliminate the physical existence of Israel by a democratic vote or at least the Jewish character of the state.

As it is, they already have the power in close elections to determine who gets in to power and they already have eliminated some of the Jewish elements of the state. And a number of important votes to transfer Israeli lands to the Arabs were decided based on the vote of the openly pro-Terrorist Arab parties in Israel’s legislature, the Knesset.

Furthermore the increase of such a large population, hostile to Jewish values, would inevitably cause an erosion of the commitment of some Jews to Judaism. ( For Religious Jews , who are reading this article, see Chazon Ish on shviit siman 24 , as a backup to this claim.)

In summary, True Peace, means the end of Israel.

In addition, I don’t see how true peace with Syria could be accomplished without abrogating Ramban’s 4th Addition to Sefer Hamitzvot. Something, that the rabbis that I trust, say is strictly forbidden.

For the reader who is unsure, why it is desirable to maintain Jewish identity; on a pragmatic level, I’ll answer that if you rob Jews of their Jewish identity many of them will flock to Communism and/or other Totalitarian Ideologies and plague the world under those ideologies.


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