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gaonpicB”H Excerpts from An Anthology of the Gaon by

Rabbi Moshe Zuriel {Tzuriel}

A Selection of sayings of the Vilna Gaon regarding beliefs, extracted from most of the writings of his disciples, of those faithful to him, and from some of his own writings.

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The World to Come

Why was the World to Come not mentioned explicitly in the Torah? – to the Song of Songs 1/3.

As a result of Israel excelling in their achievements in the future, the nations of the world will also exert themselves to take hold of them and to ascend as well – to the Song of Songs 1:4.

In two respects this World does not compare to the World to Come: firstly, in that this World, there is no existence, and the World to Come is the true existence, and secondly, in that the World to Come is eternal, while this World is like a bird flying off – to Proverbs 8:21.

Enjoyment of the World to Come will be increased at all times and greater comprehension of the L-rd , may he be blessed, in his divine sovereignty, will be added and so too deepened understanding of his Torah without limit. And every time Man comes to comprehend more and more of him, the passion of the soul to adhere to Him, may he be blessed, becomes greater and goes further from one moment to the next – commentary to Job 3/21.

The main thing to be worthy of the World to Come is by restraining one’s mouth – this is more significant than the entire Torah and all one’s good deeds – Iggereth HaG’RA.

There are three levels: level one- a part of the World to Come – ”a son” of the World to Come; level three – summoned to life of the World to Come (see Kettuvot 103; summoned) – commentary to B’rakhot 61:.

Translated for the spiritual elevation of Tzivia daughter of Dovid in the world to come. This translation was by more than one person and over a long period of time, therefore minor variations in translating styles appear here

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