The Start of an Israeli Version of Watergate? The Police Seemed to Have Used Pegasus Type Spyware Without Authorization to Bring Down Netanyahu

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Bar-Lev the minister in charge of the police admitted for the first time that the police illegally used advanced eavesdropping techniques to spy on citizens without court authorization. The Hebrew article recalled that 2 weeks ago the police denied any violation of the law.
The most dramatic report was yesterday, when a recording from the interrogation room was revealed in which the interrogators in Netanyahu’s case were heard talking a few minutes before one of the key witnesses, Shlomo Filber, entered the room. “It’s not the most legal thing we are doing. It’s not sure the app is allowed to be used,” say investigators, who are in fact talking about hacking into Filber’s cell phone using NSO’s Pegasus software.

Former Prime Minister Netanyahu
Former Prime Minister Netanyahu


For those that do not know Shlomo Filber was pressured to become a state witness against Netanyahu, in the ongoing corruption trials directed at Netanyahu.

New Addition: 6 Adar I 5782 – Feb. 7 2022

In a Hebrew article reports:

Police have used NSO spyware on executives in the public and private sectors, the economic newspaper Calcalist reported this morning (Monday). According to Tomer Ganon’s exposure, the espionage was after politicians, senior businessmen, CEOs of government ministries, mayors, executives of giant corporations, journalists, organizers of protests of almost every kind and variety, advisers to the Prime Minister and his family. Unlimited, without restraints.
According to Tomer Ganon, the spying was done without permission from the courts and the police failed to mention by what means did they arrive at their evidence.

If you search you will find stories about police wrongdoing in the Ahuvia Sandak case, the Amiram Ben Uliel case and yes, even in the case of Yigal Amir.

In those cases many of the “phony right” were content to allow the police to abuse their authority. Now it is revealed, the police didn’t stop just at the easy targets, but even went after the entire “phony right” and maybe even a few leftists.

Here for example, is one of the many sources showing that also Netanyahu backed the police torture against Amiram Ben Uliel or read:
When It Was To His Advantage It Did Not Bother Benjamin Netanyahu That the Judicial System Was Biased For The Left – Now When He is the Victim of Biased Enforcement, Bias Bothers Him!
About this situation that the phony right is now facing I cite the Mishna as translated by “He [Hillel] further saw a skull floating on the water. He said to it: ‘Because you drowned you were drowned, and in the end those who drowned you will be drowned.’”.