The Kfar Darome Miracle Was Not Enough To Save the Jewish Communities in Gaza From the “Deep State” and A Biblical Curse

Kfar Darome

Introduction #1

Dvarim / Deuteronomy 20:1 as translated by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan
When you go to battle against your enemies, and see horses, war chariots and an army larger than yours, do not be afraid of them, since God your Lord, who brought you out of Egypt, is with you.
Rashi whose commentary on the Torah is read on a weekly basis (see Shulchan Aruch, O.C. 285:2) by those that fear heaven, was bothered by the fact that this verse of the Torah comes right after the verses that deal with judges who are commanded to punish false witnesses.
As the Torah states:
19:18 The judges shall carefully interrogate [the refuting witnesses], and if the [first] two witnesses are found to have testified falsely against their brother,
19:19 you must do the same to them as they plotted to do to their brother, thus removing evil from your midst.
19:20 When the other people hear about this, they will have fear and never again do such an evil thing in your midst.
19:21 Do not have pity in such a case, [since you must take] a life for a life, a tooth for a tooth, a hand for a hand, and a foot for a foot.

Rashi’s second explanation for the Torah’s placing the War Commandment, right next to the Justice commandment is to teach you “if you execute righteous judgment, you can be sure that when you depart for war you will be victorious. Similarly, David says, “I performed justice and righteousness; do not leave me to my oppressors” (Ps. 119: 121). – [Tanchuma]”.

When the Deep State Was Weaker, General Ariel Sharon Had the Ability To End An Early Version of the Intifada in Gaza. It Would Be A Stronger Deep State That Would Compel the Same General Ariel Sharon To Destroy the Jewish Communities of Gaza

During the Early 1970’s when the “Deep State”  was weaker and had not yet decided to destroy Israel’s control of Gaza (part of Biblical Israel) General Ariel Sharon  successfully ended an early version of the intifada. In 1970 {approx. Jewish year, 5730}, it was General of the Southern Command Ariel Sharon who tasked General Meir Dagan with establishing the Rimon Special Unit. The activities of this unit led to eliminating terror in the Gaza Strip in the 1970’s.

Sharon and Dagan just solved the symptoms of the problem. They did not solve the core problem.

It would be the same Sharon under blackmail for corruption charges by the Deep State coupled with pressures from foreign sources and a hostile media that led to Sharon’s breaking of his explicit election pledge and the expulsion of all the Jews from Biblical Gaza.

The Biblical Curse As Explained By Ohr Hachaim Hakadosh

He thus without realizing it, fulfilled the Biblical Curse in Bamidbar/Numbers 33 as explained by Ohr Hachaim Hakadosh:


ואם לא תורישו את יושבי הארץ, “And if you will fail to drive out the inhabitants of the land, etc.” According to Megillah 10 which says that wherever the word והיה occurs it alludes to something joyful, the meaning of the word here would be that although the reason the Israelites would decide {with joy} to allow some of these inhabitants to remain for the performance of menial duties, etc., i.e. in order to enjoy their services, G-d would see to it, that instead, these remaining inhabitants would prove to be thorns in their eyes and pricks in their sides and that these foreigners would harass the new owners.

וצררו אתכם על הארץ, “and they shall harass you in the land, etc.” The Torah means that not only will they harass you in the part of the land that you did not drive them out of, but they will harass you even in the parts of the country which you have conquered and driven them out of and which you have settled. They will challenge you to leave what they consider to be their country. The meaning of the word על in this context is similar to Numbers 20,24: על אשר מריתם את פי, “because you have rebelled against My word.” We have a similar meaning of the word על in Deut. 32,51.


כאשר דמיתי לעשות להם, “as I meant to do unto them, etc.” My commandment was meant for your benefit. Seeing you have not fulfilled it, My commandment remains unfulfilled; I therefore have no choice but to fulfill it in respect of these people you have left in the land.

Note: Elsewhere in his commentary, Ohr Hachaim indicates that the curse is not limited to the situation where Canaanites are left in parts of Biblical Israel.

Just as Many Right-Wingers in the U.S.A. Currently Feel They Are Victims of the “Deep State” that Have Seemed At This Point In Time To Have Vanquished the Will of the Majority, True Right-Wingers in Israel Believe the “Deep State” Is Heavily Biased Against Them

Israel had the ability to crush the Intifada Terror War but the legal, “moral“, and political restraints imposed by the “Deep State” turned a relatively easy win into an endless War of Attrition that was doomed to long-term failure.

When I Say “Deep State” I include Israel’s Judicial Dictators

Quote from The Judicial Dictatorship in Israel, is not Democracy by Ariel Natan Pasko

National Union Chairman MK Bezalel Smotrich has recently unmasked the Judicial Dictators in the Supreme Court for what they are, a largely self-appointed leftist elite, that looks down on the simple Jews of Israel and their well being, more often siding with Arab terrorists and their political supporters, than with their Jewish victims. We can now also clearly see the disdain they hold for the other branch of government, the legislature, the Knesset and Knesset members, who are popularly elected by the public, as should be in a democracy, unlike the self-appointed Judiciary.

See also Due to Extreme Left-Wing Judicial Activism – The Status Quo In Israel Will Be Destroyed If The Left or Soft Right Are Given Veto Powers Against Changing Israel’s Judicial System

For additional background see: Judicial Activism

The Following Miracle Stories Shows Incidentally Some of the Tactics Used By the Deep State to Destroy the Jewish Communities of Gaza

This story is a loose translation from a story that was reported in the Hebrew book, על הניסים (“Al Hanissim”).

Kfar Darome was located by the main road from Gaza to Rafiach. In the fence that surrounded the settlement there was a big breach that the army commanders could not close up.

Not due to recklessness, heaven forbid. The Army commanders that administered the region wanted to seal off the fence in order to save lives, however, the judges of Bagatz (the nickname, for Israel’s Supreme Court) prohibited them to do it. They had mercy on the property of Palestinian murderers more that the lives of Jews and they imposed a prohibition upon the I.D.F. from erecting a fence as a barrier between the killers and the children of Kfar Darome.

This was not the first time that the judges endangered lives. Also at the Kisufim junction they prohibited the destruction of a house that was used by snipers on several occasions for shooting at Jewish vehicles and their occupants. It was from this house that the cursed murderers  of Tali Chatuel and her daughters emerged. However, our purpose is not to show how despicable are the judges, but rather to tell the miracles of Hashem.

Once, the Palestinians became more sophisticated in their attacks and constructed an innocent looking tractor that was covered with steel protection plates, so that even if soldiers would shoot at it, they would not be able to stop it from moving forward.

In the shovel of the tractor they placed a massive quantity of strong explosive material.

One morning the soldiers saw a Palestinian tractor travelling at a reckless speed trying to infiltrate into Kfar Darome. Immediately, the soldiers aimed their weapons and started to shoot at the tractor. All the explosives that were in the shovel exploded and all the cursed murderers that sat in the tractor went down to hell in a great fireball.

Another time the terrorists tried to enter the settlement with a an armor plated “Panjro” Jeep that they got from the Palestinian Authority. They loaded it with a large amount of explosives, machine guns and other weapons of destruction and tried to infiltrate  by the breach between the houses of the settlement, a place where children and seniors walked around freely.

They knew that there was a checkpoint of the I.D.F. near the breach in the fence which was manned day and night due to danger, so the terrorists decided to defend their jeep with extra thick plates of steel. Steel plates that were so thick that even machine gun fire from the checkpoint would not be able to penetrate the armor.

The soldiers at the checkpoint began to shoot heavy machine guns at the infiltrating jeep. To their astonishment they saw that the dozens of bullets that were raining  down on the jeep were not penetrating the thick armor and it continued forward while firing in all directions.

The soldiers did not know how to handle the great distress as they saw a terrible terrorist attack unfolding before their eyes without having the ability  to stop it. All the weapons in their possession did not have the power to stop this murderous vessel of destruction and until they could summon a tank it would be too late to stop the disaster.

“From where will my assistance come?”

“My assistance is from Hashem the maker of Heaven and Earth”.

The soldiers saw the jeep speeding forward into the settlement and suddenly the jeep stopped for no apparent reason visible to the eye. They risked their lives and advanced with their armored vehicles and witnessed an awesome act of Hashem.

The way of the Holy One Blessed be He is to create the cure before the arrival of the disease. The day before this incident the Palestinians had fired many mortars against the settlements. One of the rockets hit a water irrigation pipe of the greenhouses. No one in the settlement was aware of the damage and the pipe began to drip water and flooded the ground around the greenhouses.

The jeep sank in the mud, the very same mud created by the mortar blast the night before. The Palestinian terrorists attempted all means to escape it, but could not do so, neither by going forward or backward. They were stuck in the mud. Now it would be just a matter of time before each one of them would be eliminated.

The next day Army commander in the region decided it was time to close off the murderous breach in the fence that Bagatz had imposed.

Here ends the quote.