People Behind The Israel Land Fund

Arieh King, Founder
Arieh King, director and founder of the Israel Land Fund (ILF), developed the idea over the course of ten years of working in the East Jerusalem area with several organizations and government bodies. Arieh realized the desire of Diaspora Jews to take a more active role in redeeming the land of Israel, especially in Jerusalem.

Born on Kibbutz Alumim, Arieh, 35, is one of the ten original residents of Ma’ale Zeitim (Ras-Al-Amud) where he currently resides with his wife and six children. Arieh was also one of the first people in the national religious camp to stand up to extreme left-wing organizations pushing the post-Zionist agenda.

Bringing more than ten years of experience in redeeming the land of Israel, Arieh started the Israel Land Fund while trying to recover land on the Mt. of Olives in 2007. Since then, he has been active both in recovery and preservation of Jewish land in East Jerusalem as well as throughout the Land of Israel. Arieh started the Israel Land Fund to offer unique opportunities for any Jew to personally acquire a piece of the land, part of a building or a number of buildings in Israel. Arieh endeavors to acquire land of strategic national importance as well as areas of historical and religious value to the Jewish people.

In October 2013, Arieh was elected to the Jerusalem City Council, where he continues to fight for the rights of Jews to live and travel with equal treatment in every part of the holy city.

Management of the Fund
The Israel Land Fund employs three full time employees who help manage and run the daily operations of the Fund. The three are well versed in Arabic, and all served as officers in the Israel Defense Force. These skills are frequently called into play in their dealings with Arab sellers and with the local population in areas that the Fund is active. The Fund’s employees are also proficient in English, which is a basic requirement of the work, since the Fund’s main proponents are from the English speaking public.

In addition, the Fund employs numerous lawyers, appraisers, surveyors, investigators, translators and other professionals as outsourcers in order to run as cheaply and efficiently as possible. A result of years of experience, this system allows the Fund to focus on locating potential sellers, and leaves the nitty-gritty work of meshing out deals to the professionals. When the time comes to signing deals, the Fund is with the buyers throughout the process from start to finish, right up to the affixing of the mezuzah or planning of the land.

The Israel Land Fund’s offices are located near the Old City of Jerusalem representing its steadfast ambition to be an active and integral part of the city, in particular, East Jerusalem.

An example of one of King’s successful activities.

First time: Construction for Jews in Beit Hanina

Jerusalem Planning and Building Committee approves 150 housing units, half earmarked for Jews, in predominantly Arab neighborhood of J’lem.

Jewish settlement in the area was made possible after Arab invaders seized the land without proof of ownership and were forced to leave due to a legal proceeding led in 2012 by Israel Lands Fund Director Aryeh King.

“I welcome the decision,” King said. “I wish upon all of us such a thing will become routine and won’t become headlines when we approve building for Jews. This will happen when the mayor is replaced by one who is interested in the integrity and unity of Jerusalem.”

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