The “I Can’t Breathe Plague” For the Spies That Spoke Against Israeli Conquest of the Holy Land

Translation of Sotah page 35
The Biblical Spies Portrayed on a Stamp

The verse states: “And those men who brought out an evil report of the land, died by the plague before the Lord” (Numbers 14:37). Rabbi Shimon ben Lakish says: This means that they died an unusual death. Rabbi Ḥanina bar Pappa says that Rabbi Sheila Ish Kefar Temarta taught: This teaches that their tongues were stretched out from their mouths and fell upon their navels, and worms were crawling out of their tongues and entering their navels, and worms were likewise coming out of their navels and entering their tongues. This is the painful death that they suffered. And Rav Naḥman bar Yitzḥak says: They died of diphtheria, which causes one to choke to death.

What is Diptheria?


Diphtheria (dif-THEER-e-uh) is a serious bacterial infection that usually affects the mucous membranes of your nose and throat. Diphtheria is extremely rare in the United States and other developed countries, thanks to widespread vaccination against the disease.

Diphtheria can be treated with medications. But in advanced stages, diphtheria can damage your heart, kidneys and nervous system. Even with treatment, diphtheria can be deadly, especially in children.


Diphtheria signs and symptoms usually begin two to five days after a person becomes infected and may include:

  • A thick, gray membrane covering your throat and tonsils
  • A sore throat and hoarseness
  • Swollen glands (enlarged lymph nodes) in your neck
  • Difficulty breathing or rapid breathing
  • Nasal discharge
  • Fever and chills
  • Malaise

In some people, infection with diphtheria-causing bacteria causes only a mild illness — or no obvious signs and symptoms at all. Infected people who remain unaware of their illness are known as carriers of diphtheria, because they can spread the infection without being sick themselves.

So Far After Trump Has Actively Pursued the Deal of the Century That Promises A Large Chunk of the Holy Land to the Enemies of Hashem – A Crime That is Part of the Sin of the Spies (See Bamidar/Numbers Chapter 32 verses 6 – 15) America Has Suffered 2 “I can’t breathe” Disasters.

One disaster being the Corona Virus, which although the virus causes a number of problems, it is primarily known as a virus that causes breathing problems.

A protester runs past burning cars

The 2nd disaster is the violent George Floyd riots that have swept the country, with Floyd’s dying words “I can’t breathe” being the motto and the pretext for the riots.