Building New Israeli Settlements – The Opinion of the Gaon – according to Kol Hator

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B”H To Build New Settlements in the Territories Liberated by Israel After the 6 Day War The Opinion of the Gaon – according to Kol Hator Question: Perhaps one should not build settlements right now because of the mitzvah to … Continued

How Does the Yishmaelite Religion Violate the Restrictions Against Foreign Worship (Idolatry)

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One first has to investigate if there is a prohibition to the Yishmaelites in their belief system according to our Torah. Then we will explain if there is a distinction between the Yishmaelites and the other nations as far as … Continued

Total Religious Control of the Temple Mount in the Eyes of Muslims Is Proof of Who Is the Chosen People

According to Professor Mordechai Kedar the real Al Aqsa Mosque is located near Ji’irrana, a village located between Mecca and Taaf in the Arabian Peninsula. For political and historical reasons as explained in the article at Muslim politicians invented … Continued