Ron Pundak, a Leading Architect of the Oslo Accords, Explained the Real Motivation of the Left – to Push Such a Risky Agreement with Terrorists

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In The Smear Campaign Against the Right on the Rabin Assassination and the Mass Killing at Deir Yassin a number of the illegal and anti-democratic tactics used to promote the Oslo Accords, were discussed. What was not discussed was the … Continued

Now that the Journalist, Yair Lapid, Serves as Prime Minister of Israel, It Is Fitting to Review the Culture War Motivation that Led to the Destruction of Gush Katif

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Now that Yair Lapid is Prime Minister it is fitting to reprint the post: The Proxy War of the Israeli Left Against Religious Zionism and their Allies published at about 3 and half years ago. Quote  from: It is … Continued

According to Naftali Bennett’s Strategic Adviser, Bennett Decided To Betray His Core Party Platform at the Very Outset

posted in: Comments on society | 0  reports the accusation by גל בייסברג Gal Baisberg, Naftali Bennett’s strategic advisor in the last election,  that Naftali Bennett had planned the deal to become Prime Minister with a mere six seats in Parliament, even before Israel went … Continued