Video: Israel at War #3: Israel and its Relations to the United States by Rabbi Yehuda Hakohen

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Source: Israel at War #3: Israel and its Relations to the United States | Rabbi Yehuda Hakohen —————————– —————————– —————————– Your browser does not support the video tag.

Maybe Shimon Cohen Was Right that the Yom Kippur War Was Rigged. 11 Days Before the Yom Kippur War, Jordan’s King Hussein Revealed to Golda Meir the Coming Syrian & Egyptian Plan to Attack Israel

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Israel had advanced warning that Syria and Egypt were about to attack but nevertheless kept the front lines poorly defended. In a channel 14 Hebrew video it is revealed that Golda Meir had a secret meeting 11 days before the … Continued

A Video Interview with Rabbi Moshe Zuriel, ZT”L about Jewish History and G-d’s Way

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This video is from and also located at Rabbi Zuriel, Zecher Tzaddik Livracha, gave important assistance to to produce many articles on vital topics. We are grateful.

Video by Rabbi Moshe Kaplan: An Introduction to Orot HaTeshuva – Regarding The Right and Wrong Reasons to Connect to Hashem

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Rabbi Kaplan explains: as we approach the Messianic Era  we need to live the Torah Lifestyle above the “Kindergarten Level”. Comment by the editor: It should be obvious from many verses from the Tanakh that it is much better to … Continued

The Bible Code 100% has been proven to be scientifically sound according to Professor Eliyahu Rips – A New Study Strongly Refutes the Attack Against the Codes by Prof. Maya Bar Hillel

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The Dispute More Than 20 Years Ago About the Bible Codes 20 years have passed since the Biblical Code experiment was published in the Statistical Science journal where the names of famous rabbis and their dates of birth and death … Continued