Wheelchair Access to Tomb of Patriarchs Gets Final Approval – Israel Uses Eminent Domain to Avoid the Veto of the Palestinian Authority

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http://en.hebron.org.il/news/1178 Government approval was given for the creation of a handicapped access elevator at the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs in Hebron. Defense Minister Naftali Bennett approved the move on Sunday after an arduous process which involved multiple government … Continued

Due to Extreme Left-Wing Judicial Activism – The Status Quo In Israel Will Be Destroyed If The Left or Soft Right Are Given Veto Powers Against Changing Israel’s Judicial System

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In the past week, Israel’s Judicial system has issued 2 more outrageous decisions. After the court invented privileges for Homos 2 or 3 decades ago, one of the courts in Be’er Sheva, recently ruled, that a religious publishing company has … Continued