The Response of Rabbi Moshe Zuriel ZT”L Against the Claims of the Opponents of Techelet 1) Is There Arrogance in This? 2) The Behavior of the Gedolim of the Generation 3) Messiah

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Hebrew Source: Rabbi Moshe Zuriel August 25, 2019 · (24 Av 5779) Question: It occurred to me to hang Techelet threads in my Tzitzit garment, because I saw several people who did so. But recently some Chareidi rabbis announced … Continued

A Video Interview with Rabbi Moshe Zuriel, ZT”L about Jewish History and G-d’s Way

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This video is from and also located at Rabbi Zuriel, Zecher Tzaddik Livracha, gave important assistance to to produce many articles on vital topics. We are grateful.