Above 600,000 Israelis Protest in Jerusalem to Weaken the Power of the Judicial Activist Dictators Who Run the Supreme Court. – Gov. Ron Desantis in Israel: The USA Should Not Butt in.

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According to the Hebrew web site https://www.0404.co.il/?p=882758 more than 600,000 Israelis came to the Jerusalem protest near the Knesset, demanding Judicial Reform to weaken the power of the Judicial Activist Dictators who dominate the Supreme Court. Trump’s former US Ambassador … Continued

Under the Panic Conditions of the Pandemic, Trump Allowed Lax Safety Standards for New Vaccines. Senator Cruz Criticizes the CDC Position Under Current Circumstances.

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To quote from the New York Times (even though we don’t share their political views) regarding Trump’s Operation Warp Speed to get the Corona Vaccines approved in record time: In more normal times, a vaccine can take upward of a … Continued

Israel Is Attacked By Muslim Fanatics but Our Fake Peace Partners in Jordan, Morocco, and the UAE Condemn Israel

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Quote from https://afsi.org/out-of-control-jews-attacked-on-passover-political-tensions-grow/ Out of Control! Jews Attacked on Passover, Political Tensions Grow Out of Control! Jews Attacked on Passover, Political Tensions Grow April 18, 2022 by AFSI Staff On Shabbos morning a terrorist armed with a knife was stopped … Continued

Sledgehammer the Book by Former Ambassador D. Friedman is Another Proof that From the Perspective of the Temple Mount and Judea & Samaria, the Lesser of Evils Was a Win by the Incompetent, Left-Winger, Joe Biden

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In a review of the book Sledgehammer by Rabbi Yair Hoffman at https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/322090 we get an inside view of what led to the Abraham Accords. A Central Claim Made by the Book: CONNECTING A TO B The left-wing media has … Continued

Yesha Council Chairman David Elhayani said Trump’s Peace Plan Was Intended Only to Bring About the Establishment of a Palestinian State and Would Eventually Lead to the Evacuation of Tens of Thousands of Settlers.

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Excerpt from: https://afsi.org/yesha-chairman-sovereignty-must-not-be-connected-to-trump-peace-plan/ Yesha Chairman: Sovereignty Must Not Be Connected to Trump Peace Plan September 10, 2020 by AFSI Staff Yesha Council Chairman David Elhayani called for the replacement of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with a new leader whose actions … Continued

As Someone Who Boycotted the Election Over Trump’s Policy Decisions I Can Report Objectively – This is How Biden Cheated Trump in Fulton County Georgia

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Here is the link to the video that proves it: https://rumble.com/vjuxzp-internet-explodes-after-tucker-airs-hard-evidence-of-voter-fraud-in-fulton-.html?mref=23gga&mc=8uxj1 Warning: You will have to wait a few seconds for the commercial to end before watching the video. Until now the commercials I have seen have not been immoral. … Continued

Trump: Jewish people who live in the United States don’t love Israel enough

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quote from https://www.newsweek.com/trump-says-jewish-people-dont-love-israel-enough-amid-complaint-about-lack-support-1601576 In an interview with Ami Magazine, an international publication that’s geared toward the Orthodox Jewish community, Trump said he was “surprised” about the lack of Jewish votes he received.”I did the Heights, I did Jerusalem, and I … Continued