Prisoner Exchanges – When Dealing With Bitter Enemies of Israel

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Revised Mon, 4 December 2023 after sunset = 22nd of Kislev, 5784 Part 1: A Letter Signed By 4 Prominent Rabbis on the Deal to Release Hostages for Many Hamas Terrorists and Pausing the War With Heaven’s assistance – 8th … Continued

Who Remembers the Two Brothers, Shlomo and Mordechai Odesser killed by Fatah Terrorists 15 years ago – G-d July 30, 2002 – Mordechai Odesser, 52, and his brother Shlomo, 60, both of Tapuach in Samaria, were shot and killed when their truck came under fire in the West Bank village of Jama’in, near Ariel, apparently while selling … Continued