The Response of Rabbi Moshe Zuriel ZT”L Against the Claims of the Opponents of Techelet 1) Is There Arrogance in This? 2) The Behavior of the Gedolim of the Generation 3) Messiah

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Hebrew Source: Rabbi Moshe Zuriel August 25, 2019 · (24 Av 5779) Question: It occurred to me to hang Techelet threads in my Tzitzit garment, because I saw several people who did so. But recently some Chareidi rabbis announced … Continued

The “Chilazon” or Murex Trunculus Mollusc (also known as Hexaplex Trunculus) Provides Dye Material to Produce Purple Wool or Blue Wool Depending on Exposure to the Sun

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The information in this article comes from a video entitled True Blue the story of Tekhelet part III at According to Dr. Baruch Sterman, former Israeli Chief Rabbi Herzog, who wrote a doctoral thesis on Tekhelet was not aware … Continued

Roman Emperor Justinian Seems to Confirm the Identity of the Chilazon Dye Mollusc

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Roman Emperor Justinian Seems to Confirm the Identity of the Chilazon Dye Mollusc  Quote from Baruch Sterman’s The Rarest Blue: The Remarkable Story of an Ancient Color Lost to History and Rediscovered Justinian I, one of the great emperors of … Continued

Audio & Video of Rabbi Yisroel Barkin: The Kashrut Of The Murex Trunculus Snail For Techeilit – Tekhelet

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A comment by Shlomo Moshe Scheinman on the video/audio that appears below. Because the timing of the rediscovery of Tekhelet has some importance for my article A Solution to Fundamental Problems Regarding Tekhelet and Rabbi Barkin without intention put some … Continued

Only recently have we found ways to get blue Tekhelet dye from Murex Trunculus. Rav Herzog was told this isn’t possible.

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The Chilazon according to our sages was the source of the blue Tekhelet dye needed for the commandment of Tzitzit. Rabbi Herzog’s initial assumption was that the Murex Trunculus mollusc is the Chilazon. According to Baruch Sterman a new correspondence … Continued