Chaim Ramon: 2 Years Ago Prime Minister Naftali Bennett Gave the Order to the Chief of Staff and the Defense Minister to Assassinate Sinwar. They Refused.

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Exposé: Then COS Kochavi and DM Gantz vetoed PM Bennett’s instructions to kill Sinwar Ever since October 7th, not a few former high-ups (and also current ones) in IDF and political power echelons have been trying to rewrite history and … Continued

The Phenomenon of Young Secular Women Who Are Ripping Up Their Immodest Clothing and Keeping the Sabbath to Break the Decree of Divine Punishment

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The claim that the Black Sabbath (a secular nickname for the Simchat Torah, Oct. 7th Massacre) was a Divine Punishment settled in quite a few hearts and led to attempts to atone for the sin. Separation of challah events – … Continued