King Charles III Recently Became King of Britain. Is There Any Mitzva to See Him?

Post revised: 26th Elul 5782 – Sept. 22, 2022 Based on: Bracha for Seeing a King or Queen It is a mitzvah to go and see rulers and kings, whether they are Jewish or non-Jewish.[14] Nonetheless, one shouldn’t waste … Continued

On the Issue of Kiddush Hashem – Accepting the Yishmaelite Religion is Like Accepting Idolatry

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Introduction: Solica (some spell her name Solika) A Young Jewish Martyr Who Sacrificed Her Life Rather than Convert to the Islamic Religion Excerpts from: “Solika” at The Extended Family of Solika Hatchouel website   Solika’s Full Story THE STORY OF SOLICA … Continued

Is One That Accepts Charity From Gentiles Disqualified To Serve As A Witness In A Jewish Court?

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The Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin 26b states (as translated by )   Rav Naḥman says: Those who eat something else, a euphemism for pork, are disqualified from bearing witness. This is referring to those who accept charity from gentiles, thereby causing a desecration of … Continued