The Phenomenon of Young Secular Women Who Are Ripping Up Their Immodest Clothing and Keeping the Sabbath to Break the Decree of Divine Punishment

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The claim that the Black Sabbath (a secular nickname for the Simchat Torah, Oct. 7th Massacre) was a Divine Punishment settled in quite a few hearts and led to attempts to atone for the sin. Separation of challah events – … Continued

Going to War to Protect the Wheat Stubble and Straw of a City on the Border

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Excerpt from Perhaps the Police Will Hit Those That Ascend the Temple Mount – letter 7 Behold in the Mishna Brura on O.C. 329:6, wrote that when there is a danger to a border city, it is permitted and a … Continued

Do We Violate Shabbat to Save a Fetus Less Than 40 Days Old?

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Rav Yehoshua Yeshaya son of Rav Aharon Neuwirth writes in his book on the laws of Shabbat “Shemirat Shabbat Ke – Hilchata” Chapter 36, Halacha 2 We violate Shabbat to save a fetus, even if the fetus is less than … Continued

Hearing Aids on Shabbat, Yes – But All Varieties of Microphone Technologies, No?

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Quote from: 6. Hearing Aids Contemporary poskim have permitted the use of hearing aids (which are actually small microphones and amplifiers) on Shabbat, and were seemingly unconcerned with the problem of electricity. The Tzitz Eliezer (vol. 6, 6:6) summarizes: … Continued


FROM JAPAN TO JERUSALEM: THE STORY OF MOSHE HATTORI   Quote from While still in high school, Hattori notes, he and his classmates were taught very little about the Jews. “I remember being surprised by the fact that even … Continued