Did The Holy Ohr Hachaim Really Accept Rambam’s Famous Position on Islam and Idolatry?

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The following is an excerpt from a larger article on this site, entitled: Muslim Idolatry Trees – Do They Interfere With Davening Mincha on the Temple Mount?  Revised: Wed, 29 May 2024 = 21st of Iyyar, 5784 Is There a … Continued

Coins of Nero Caesar as Proof of Etzba (halachic finger width), Tefach (halachic handbreadth) and Cubit

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The Talmud, tractate Menachot 41b sets the relationship between Tefach (halachic handbreadth) and Etzba (halachic finger width). Menachot 97b and 98a explain the relationship of the handbreadth to the cubit. Thus if we could figure out the handbreadth we can … Continued

King Charles III Recently Became King of Britain. Is There Any Mitzva to See Him?

Post revised: 26th Elul 5782 – Sept. 22, 2022 https://www.voanews.com/a/king-charles-iii-formally-proclaimed-britain-s-monarch/6739599.html Based on: https://halachipedia.com/index.php?title=Brachot_on_Sights Bracha for Seeing a King or Queen It is a mitzvah to go and see rulers and kings, whether they are Jewish or non-Jewish.[14] Nonetheless, one shouldn’t waste … Continued

Rambam’s View Regarding The 13 Fundamental Beliefs and the Foundational Principles of Our Religion

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Translation of Rambam’s commentary to the Mishna, Sanhedrin 10:1 as provided by https://www.sefaria.org.il/Rambam_on_Mishnah_Sanhedrin.10.1.16?ven=Sefaria_Community_Translation&vhe=Vilna_edition&lang=en&with=all&lang2=en The first principle To believe in the existence of the Creator, may He be blessed, and that is that there is a Being complete in all the … Continued