Coins of Nero Caesar as Proof of Etzba (halachic finger width), Tefach (halachic handbreadth) and Cubit

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The Talmud, tractate Menachot 41b sets the relationship between Tefach (halachic handbreadth) and Etzba (halachic finger width). Menachot 97b and 98a explain the relationship of the handbreadth to the cubit. Thus if we could figure out the handbreadth we can … Continued

King Charles III Recently Became King of Britain. Is There Any Mitzva to See Him?

Post revised: 26th Elul 5782 – Sept. 22, 2022 Based on: Bracha for Seeing a King or Queen It is a mitzvah to go and see rulers and kings, whether they are Jewish or non-Jewish.[14] Nonetheless, one shouldn’t waste … Continued

Rambam’s View Regarding The 13 Fundamental Beliefs and the Foundational Principles of Our Religion

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Translation of Rambam’s commentary to the Mishna, Sanhedrin 10:1 as provided by The first principle To believe in the existence of the Creator, may He be blessed, and that is that there is a Being complete in all the … Continued

Why Did Caphtor Vapherach Not Explicitly Mention the “Dome of the Rock” in contrast to the Disciple of Ramban who lived in the same generation or Rabbi Binyamin of Tudela (a contemporary of Rambam) Who Did Explicitly Mention the Dome of the Rock?

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The fact that the phrase “Dome of the Rock” does not appear explicitly in the writings of the Caphtor Vapherach, is brought by advocates of the Southern Location of the Temple on Mount Moriah as evidence that that Caphtor Vapherach … Continued

Chatam Sofer’s Explanation: Why Did Moshe {Moses} Intervene to Save the Daughters of the Sheik of Midian From the Shepherds

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Shmot / Exodus Chapter 2: as translated by 2:16 The sheik of Midian had seven daughters, who came to draw water. As they were beginning to fill the troughs and water their father’s sheep, 2:17 other shepherds came and … Continued

According to Rambam – We Refrain From Eating the Sciatic Nerve – Not Because of Any Prophetic Commandment by Yaakov (Jacob) But Because of the Prophetic Commandment Given by Hashem to Moshe (Moses)

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The last Mishna in Chapter 7 of Chulin as translated by states: The prohibition of eating the sciatic nerve applies to a kosher animal and does not apply to a non-kosher animal. Rabbi Yehuda says: It applies even to … Continued

Audios: On Rabbis Participating in Iftar / Ramadan Celebrations by Menachem Gottlieb

Part A: Ramadan from a different angle: Mentioning the A-Deity and M-Prophet Part B: One Who Celebrates Jewish Defeats Part C: The Achashverosh Feast Gave Power to Haman Part D: Is it really worse than Thanksgiving? For further research see: … Continued