Rabbis to Netanyahu and Ben-Gvir: Allow the Passover sacrifice on the Temple Mount

Source: http://www.har-habait.org/articleBody/36352 Fifteen rabbis appealed to Prime Minister Netanyahu and Minister of National Security Ben-Gvir to allow the offering of the Passover sacrifice on the Temple Mount • It is possible and obligatory to sacrifice the Passover sacrifce even before … Continued

A Message to My Jewish Readers – What Will You Answer When Asked at the Time of Judgement, “Did You Look Forward to My Salvation?”

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Behold it is known that a person has to look forward towards the salvation of Hashem that the Glory of his Kingdom will be revealed in the world. As our sages stated (Shabbat 31a) that the (heavenly court) asks a … Continued

The Entire State of Lebanon is Located Within the Boundaries of the Land of Israel in Parshat Masei – Bamidbar / Numbers Chapter 34

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  Parshat Masei, Bamidbar / Numbers Chapter 34 verses 7 to 9 as translated by https://www.sefaria.org.il/Numbers.34.7?lang=en&with=all&lang2=en This shall be your northern boundary: Draw a line from the Great Sea to Mount Hor; From Mount Hor draw a line to Lebo-hamath, … Continued