Honenu: Ben Uliel’s Exoneration Should Follow Zadorov’s

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Source: https://www.honenu.org/ben-uliel-s-exoneration-should-follow-zadorov-s Updated: Apr 25 – 4 Iyar 5783 Since the July 2015 arson attack on the Dawabshe family’s house in Kfar Duma, Honenu has assisted many Jews accused of involvement with the crime. For a selection of posts describing … Continued

Regarding the Young Girl Who Faked Being a Boy in a Religious School in Israel

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Excerpt from https://www.jewishpress.com/news/israel/outed-transgender-religious-school-3rd-grader-focal-point-of-left-right-battle/2022/09/13/ The new school year at a state religious school in Givat Shmuel, in the Ono Valley on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, began with an explosion when parents and the students discovered that one of the children … Continued

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu on the Abortion Controversy in the U.S.A.: Left-Wing Progressives Want to Murder the Fetus

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In the U.S. the ground is shaking. Leftists abroad and in the country are shouting “Supreme Court justices in the U.S. have decided to abolish the constitutional right to abortion”. Translation of their statement is that the U.S.A. High Court … Continued

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu Chastises Tzohar Rabbi for Not Fact-Checking Before Criticizing Him

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http://www.jewishpress.com/news/israel/rabbi-shmuel-eliyahu-chastises-tzohar-rabbi-for-not-fact-checking-before-criticizing-him/2017/10/06/ Rabbi Eliyahu pointed out that Hashgacha Pratit says the basis for their Kashrut certification is trust between the restaurant owners, the community and the Kashrut organization, but what trust can there be when the owner of the restaurant was … Continued