Rabbi Elyon Shemesh: “Not changing who you are but to improve the balance in your measurements” – A Lesson from Mesillat Yesharim

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Quote from http://dafyomireview.com/mesilat.php The Mesilat Yesharim by Master Kabalist Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato (1707-1746) is probably the most popular mussar (ethics) work in Jewish literature. Rabbi Eliyahu of Vilna (1720–1797), one of the most authoritative Torah sages of the modern … Continued

The Ideology of an Ideal Torah U’Madda Community by Shmuel Reichman

http://www.yutorah.org/sidebar/lecture.cfm/883588/shmuel-reichman/the-ideology-of-an-ideal-torah-u-madda-community/ REVISED Comment on the lecture. In Kol Hator, the author calls for establishing the type of a community envisioned by Shmuel Reichman in Jerusalem. Although I don’t have an exact date for when the communities of the exile will … Continued