Sandak protest: Display mounted in Jerusalem

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source: dwaldman33  Nov 21, 2021 (~17 Kislev 5782) Sandak protest: Display mounted in Jerusalem Updated: 7 days ago The display; Photo credit: Mateh Yehudi Lo Horeg Yehudi Honenu is representing those who are insisting on the investigation of the death … Continued

Dozens Protest Last Week At the Wall of the Old City of Jerusalem, to Get Permission to Offer Animal Sacrifices, such as, the Passover Sacrifice on the Temple Mount. They Suggest Animal Sacrifices Will Stop the Corona Plague.

The Biblical book of Shmot/Exodus Chapter 12 – describes how the Jewish people were saved from a supernatural plague by offering the Passover sacrifice. That sacrifice however, was offered outside the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, since the rule that all … Continued