The Relationship between the Oil and the Meal Offering as an Indication to Understand the Different Types of Meal Offerings

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An excerpt from the article on the Meal Offerings and Their Implications by Rabbi Moshe Odess in Maalin Bakodesh, issue #2 The Meal Offering Offered by the Sinner By the Sliding-Scale Offering it is stated: (Vayikra / Leviticus 5:11) If … Continued

An Early Jewish Historical Source Identifying the Rock under the Dome of the Rock as the Place of the Foundation Stone ( “Even Hashtia” ) Mentioned in an Article by R’ Pinchus Abramowitz

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[i]The Jewish Chronicles that were discovered in the Cairo Genizah, dated between the tenth to eleventh century of the secular dating system[ii], describes the building of the Dome of the Rock: “… And Omer  … would ask the elders of … Continued