Did The Holy Ohr Hachaim Really Accept Rambam’s Famous Position on Islam and Idolatry?

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The following is an excerpt from a larger article on this site, entitled: Muslim Idolatry Trees – Do They Interfere With Davening Mincha on the Temple Mount?  Revised: Wed, 29 May 2024 = 21st of Iyyar, 5784 Is There a … Continued

On Funding the Ukraine War, Let’s Make A Deal. They Absorb the Gazans in Exchange for Republicans Agreeing to Fund the Ukrainians.

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The Bible as interpreted by Ohr Hachaim, promises that nothing less than full transfer of the Gazan population to a distant land will end the warfare between Israel and Gaza (see, Ohr Hachaim to the Biblical Book of Numbers Chapter … Continued

Donald Trump Had Planned to Endanger Israel with a Revised Version of the Oslo Accords

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It is true Donald Trump, when he was president took some symbolic measures that were Pro-Israel. He backed up Israel’s position regarding the Golan Heights. He reduced the amount of money going to the Palestinian Authority over their pay for … Continued