The “Chilazon” or Murex Trunculus Mollusc (also known as Hexaplex Trunculus) Provides Dye Material to Produce Purple Wool or Blue Wool Depending on Exposure to the Sun

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The information in this article comes from a video entitled True Blue the story of Tekhelet part III at According to Dr. Baruch Sterman, former Israeli Chief Rabbi Herzog, who wrote a doctoral thesis on Tekhelet was not aware … Continued

Only recently have we found ways to get blue Tekhelet dye from Murex Trunculus. Rav Herzog was told this isn’t possible.

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The Chilazon according to our sages was the source of the blue Tekhelet dye needed for the commandment of Tzitzit. Rabbi Herzog’s initial assumption was that the Murex Trunculus mollusc is the Chilazon. According to Baruch Sterman a new correspondence … Continued