The King of the Khazars Accuses the Jews of a Lack of Sincerity in Their Commitment to Zion – Excerpt from Kuzari Chapter 2 – Is This True Today?

Rabbi Yehuda Halevi records a conversation of the Gentile King of the Khazars with a prominent rabbi that led the King to convert to Judaism. The Kuzari book is a record of the conversation. Rabbi: Regarding what they said in … Continued

Biblical Zionists Should Request The Removal of Russian Forces From Syria. The Bible Says the Area Between the Nile and Euphrates Should Go to Israel.

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Excerpt from The Sequence of The 6 Biblical Days of Creation In Light of Science . Precedents For A Gap In Time Between A Divine Decree and Its Fulfillment; such as the Promise Made to Avraham (Abraham) That One Day … Continued

The Reason that the Torah Starts with Genesis (Breishit) and Not Exodus (Shmot) 12:2 According to Rashi

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Translation based on The First Comment by Rashi on the Torah בראשית IN THE BEGINNING — Rabbi Isaac said: The Torah which is the Law book of Israel should have commenced with the verse (Exodus 12:2) “This month shall … Continued

An Agreement Should Be Made With the U.S.A. to Grant Jewish Prisoners the Option to Sit In Israeli Jails Instead of U.S.A. Jails

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Excerpt from Rabbi Yissachar S. Teichtal (H”YD) A Victim of the Holocaust, Explains Why Hashem Let It Happen Q: Does Jewish law obligate Jews to live in Israel, even before the arrival of the Messiah? A: Rabbi Yissachar Teichtal in … Continued

Chukat: Give Us Back The Occupied Territories Now! By Ariel Natan Pasko

Chukat: Give Us Back The Occupied Territories Now! By Ariel Natan Pasko This past week saw the economic component of Trump’s “Deal of the Century,”unveiled in Bahrain. Kushner presented the administration’s ideas on how to “economically rehabilitate” the “Palestinians,” nothing … Continued

3 Precious Gifts, and All of Them Were Given Only Through Sufferings. These are: The Torah, the Land of Israel and the World to Come.

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Talmud – Mas. Berachoth 5a as translated by has been taught: R. Simeon b. Yohai says: The Holy One, blessed be He, gave Israel three precious gifts, and all of them were given only through sufferings. These are: The Torah, … Continued