Breishit / Genesis 49:5 ‘Shimon and Levi are brothers; instruments of crime are their wares’. According to Ohr Hachaim: This Is A Rebuke of Their Attempt to Kill Yosef (Joseph).

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For the sake of ease I will rely on the translation of when presenting the views of Ohr Hachaim regarding Breishit / Genesis 49:5-7 שמעון ולוי אחים, Shimon and Levi are brothers, etc. Jacob stressed the fact that Shimon … Continued

After the Body of Missing Soldier Z. Baumel HY”D Has Been Returned to Israel, There is New Hope for the Return of Eli Cohen HY”D

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Quote from: According to multiple reports quoting Syrian opposition websites, a Russian delegation reportedly left Syria on Sunday and had with them the coffin containing the remains of Israeli spy Eli Cohen. According to the Jerusalem Post, Israel has … Continued

Regarding Relying on Non-Jewish “Friends” to Support Israel

Regarding Relying on Non-Jewish “Friends” to Support Israel Historically, our best “friends” in one generation, became our worst enemies in another generation. Avraham our forefather was a friend (Breishit/Genesis 14:13) of the Emori {Emorites}. Sichon and Og of that same … Continued