Audio: Jonathan Pollard and Rabbi David Bar-Hayim Discuss the War

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This lecture was originally downloaded from Youtube. Because sometimes inappropriate advertisements appear on Youtube, the lecture was downloaded as an audio and saved to this site.   Comment: Thu, 16 November 2023 = 3rd of Kislev, 5784 Currently, there are … Continued

Shocker: Israel’s Super Spy Jonathan Pollard Using A Very Poor Line of Reasoning Backs Naftali Bennett’s Partner in Fraud, Ayelet Shaked for the Next Election! To His Credit After Criticism, Pollard Retracts!

posted in: Comments on society | 0 In a video message, Pollard announced: “Because of my unqualified love of this country, and my dedication to her survival and wellbeing, I must now endorse someone who I know will serve Israel in a way that will safeguard … Continued

Despite A Life Sentence In Prison – Jonathan Pollard Refused Suicide As A Solution

Excerpt from ‘You’re smart, finish it’ Pollard says that at one point in his sentence, when he was at Butner Federal Prison, someone from Israel he didn’t know came to visit him. The man was “official” enough to be … Continued

Political Prisoner, Jonathan Pollard, Arrives in Israel Gets a Citizen Card From The Prime Minister and Kisses the Ground at the Israeli Airport

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The Hebrew site Kipa reports that Jonathan Pollard and his wife arrived in Israel. The Prime Minister blesses him and gives him a citizenship card and Pollard kisses the ground of the land of Israel at the airport. A brief … Continued

Good News: Pollard Has Been Released From House Arrest and Seems To Be Free To Travel To Israel

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quote from Press Release from Attorneys for Jonathan J. Pollard November 20, 2020 Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP 101 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10178 (212) 696-6000 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE STATEMENT OF ELIOT LAUER AND JACQUES SEMMELMAN … Continued

Trump Plans to Sell 50 F-35 Fighter Jets to the UAE and I Do Not Plan to Vote This Election

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According to US confirms sale of 50 F-35 fighter jets to UAE. Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israeli Def. Sec. Benny Gantz have dropped their objections to the sale. I do not drop my objections! The only things that might … Continued

The Liberalism of Ruth Bader Ginsburg did not extend to Jonathan Pollard

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Quote from Returning to The enshrinement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg among the pantheon of American civil rights leaders, in 1992 (then sitting on a lower federal appeals court), Ginsburg joined fellow Jewish judge Laurence Silberman in upholding Pollard’s criminal … Continued

An Agreement Should Be Made With the U.S.A. to Grant Jewish Prisoners the Option to Sit In Israeli Jails Instead of U.S.A. Jails

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Excerpt from Rabbi Yissachar S. Teichtal (H”YD) A Victim of the Holocaust, Explains Why Hashem Let It Happen Q: Does Jewish law obligate Jews to live in Israel, even before the arrival of the Messiah? A: Rabbi Yissachar Teichtal in … Continued