The New Texas Republican Party Position on Israel is an Improvement.

posted in: Comments on society | 0 The Texas Republican Party has approved a platform that supports the “prohibition” of a Palestinian state in lands that Israel now controls, JTA reported on Tuesday.The platform, approved by 5,100 delegates in Houston on Saturday, supports the “prohibition of … Continued

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu on the Abortion Controversy in the U.S.A.: Left-Wing Progressives Want to Murder the Fetus

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In the U.S. the ground is shaking. Leftists abroad and in the country are shouting “Supreme Court justices in the U.S. have decided to abolish the constitutional right to abortion”. Translation of their statement is that the U.S.A. High Court … Continued

According to a New Journalistic Investigation: Israel Has “A Big Brother” Problem. The Police Spied on the Phones of Harmless Citizens Without Authorization.

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The Hebrew Web Site reports (translation by Police have in recent years hacked into civilians’ phones using NSO’s Pegasus spyware, without a court order or a judge’s supervision. This was reported this morning (Tuesday) in an investigation by … Continued

Now The Pragmatic Confirmation of Our Moral Objections to Trump’s Abraham Accords Are Coming to the Surface

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In the past the writers that contribute to have raised a number of serious objections to President Trump’s Abraham Accords. For example see: Land for Peace, A Major Sin In Avraham’s (Abraham’s) Time and to Separate Holy From Secular, … Continued

Under the Guise of Providing Health Care – Israel Committed Crimes Against Yemenite Jews in the Early Years of the State and Will Provide Compensation

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According to the Hebrew site Kipa Israel agreed last Monday to pay 162 million shekels as reparation payments to Yemenite families for the abuses they suffered under the guise of health care. According to For the first time ever, … Continued