A Message to My Jewish Readers – What Will You Answer When Asked at the Time of Judgement, “Did You Look Forward to My Salvation?”

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Behold it is known that a person has to look forward towards the salvation of Hashem that the Glory of his Kingdom will be revealed in the world. As our sages stated (Shabbat 31a) that the (heavenly court) asks a … Continued

A Benefit of Prophecy and Prayer is That They Supply Us With a Means For Identifying “the Hand” of the Holy Blessed be He, in History and Help Us Adjust Our Lifestyle in Accordance to What We Discern

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And it came to pass that all the Earth had one language and one speech [Bereishit / Genesis 11:1]. Rashi comments: AND ONE SPEECH — They came with one counsel, and said: “Not all depends on Him [i.e., He has … Continued