Donald Trump Vaccine Hero? This Video Suggests Maybe Not.

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A few days before the publication of this post, reported Donald Trump is still doubling down in his support for the mRNA (Pfizer and Moderna) Vax against Covid. Interviewer David Brody asked Trump if he was willing to “acknowledge” … Continued

Former President Donald Trump said the 4 Letter Expletive F— word against Bibi Netanyahu; but he has the gall to demand the Zionist vote?

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Trump made the comments to Barak Ravid, an Israeli journalist who works Israel’s Walla news and the Axios outlet in the USA, about a year ago. Besides using the expletive to condemn Netanyahu for congratulating Joe Biden on his presidential … Continued

Reasons Why the Parties Opposed to Bibi Netanyahu Lost the Elections

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• The first and most important reason of all, is a lack of unity. We pray in our Sabbath prayers, Psalms 92:10 “Let the evildoers be divided” (alt. translation scattered) and this is what happened. According to the bizarre election … Continued

Donald Trump Had Planned to Endanger Israel with a Revised Version of the Oslo Accords

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It is true Donald Trump, when he was president took some symbolic measures that were Pro-Israel. He backed up Israel’s position regarding the Golan Heights. He reduced the amount of money going to the Palestinian Authority over their pay for … Continued

At This Stage in Time Senator Ted Cruz Seems To Be More Pro-Israel Than Donald Trump

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Donald Trump was in favor of some modified version of the Oslo Terror Accords called by leftists, the Oslo Peace Accords, that is to say, a 2 State Solution. See: Yesha Council Chairman David Elhayani said Trump’s Peace … Continued

In a Recent Interview Donald Trump “Doubles Down” On His Support for the Oslo Terror Accords {called by leftists: “Peace Accords”}

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In an article by the Jewish Press entitled: What Else Did Trump Have to Say about Bibi? it was reported: Over the weekend, News12 revealed a great deal more about the Trump-Netanyahu relationship, which may throw new light on more … Continued

As Someone Who Even Today Would Boycott a Rematch of Trump Vs. Biden – I Agree That Trump’s Elections Claims Were Not Treated Fairly By the Courts

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Bob Anderson writes in The losing side needed to know that a fair shake was given, and that justice prevailed, even if it wasn’t the outcome they wanted. That did not happen after Nov. 3. On Monday, without comment, … Continued