Tzeror haMore: Because He Admitted, He Merited to Receive Kingship and Messiah Emanated From Him, Who Will Save Israel

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Biographical Background of the Author According to the Bar-Ilan Responsa Project R. Abraham b’r Jacob Saba was born in Castile, Spain, ca. 1440. He was a disciple of R. Isaac de Leon and served as a community rabbi. In the … Continued

Honenu Presents More Evidence That Amiram Ben Uliel, A Defendant in the Kfar Duma Case Issued A False Confession Under Extreme Torture

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For the latest developments in the Kfar Duma Torture case, press here Quote from the newsletter Many irregularities in Kfar Duma case On Sunday, March 1, a deliberation took place at the Central District Court in Lod in the … Continued