Audios: On Rabbis Participating in Iftar / Ramadan Celebrations by Menachem Gottlieb

Part A: Ramadan from a different angle: Mentioning the A-Deity and M-Prophet Part B: One Who Celebrates Jewish Defeats Part C: The Achashverosh Feast Gave Power to Haman Part D: Is it really worse than Thanksgiving? For further research see: … Continued

Is Rambam For or Against Jews Participating in the Iftar Feast at the Home of Salim Jabbar, Head of the Abu Ghosh Council

A prominent rabbi tried to defend the participation of Jews in the Iftar Religious feast of Gentiles by the stating that Rambam holds, the religion of Salim Jabbar is not idolatry. My counterclaim is that even Rambam would forbid the … Continued