Every Generation That It Was Not Built in Its Days It is Considered As If That Generation Had Destroyed It

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The following is based on the Talmud Yerushalmi on Yoma, Chapter 1, Halacha 1 as interpreted by the Yedid Nefesh Commentary We have found that the Temple was not destroyed the first time, except on account that they were serving … Continued

Chatam Sofer’s Explanation: Why Did Moshe {Moses} Intervene to Save the Daughters of the Sheik of Midian From the Shepherds

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Shmot / Exodus Chapter 2: as translated by http://bible.ort.org/books/pentd2.asp?ACTION=displaypage&BOOK=2&CHAPTER=2 2:16 The sheik of Midian had seven daughters, who came to draw water. As they were beginning to fill the troughs and water their father’s sheep, 2:17 other shepherds came and … Continued