Henry Kissinger Laid the Foundation for the Israeli Egyptian “Peace” Treaty. From Our Perspective This Is A Bad Deed Not A Good Deed!

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We are quoting the following from https://www.fdd.org/analysis/2023/10/28/hamas-tunnels-to-egypt-played-key-role-in-arming-hamas/ simply because they stated what should be obvious: Hamas Tunnels to Egypt Played Key Role in Arming Hamas Latest Developments The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed on October 26 that Hamas smuggled weapons … Continued

Maybe Shimon Cohen Was Right that the Yom Kippur War Was Rigged. 11 Days Before the Yom Kippur War, Jordan’s King Hussein Revealed to Golda Meir the Coming Syrian & Egyptian Plan to Attack Israel

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Israel had advanced warning that Syria and Egypt were about to attack but nevertheless kept the front lines poorly defended. In a channel 14 Hebrew video it is revealed that Golda Meir had a secret meeting 11 days before the … Continued