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gaonpicB”H Excerpts from An Anthology of the Gaon by

Rabbi Moshe Zuriel {Tzuriel}

A Selection of sayings of the Vilna Gaon regarding beliefs, extracted from most of the writings of his disciples, of those faithful to him, and from some of his own writings.

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”When the good becomes abundant , he will kick out at his Creator and lessen his trust upon Him, as the verse says: va-yishman yeshurun va-yiv`at – ‘But Yeshurun grew fat and kicked’. On the contrary, it is better for a person to undergo a little suffering in this world, for the suffering will bring him closer to His worship – and this is what was meant by tsarot levavi hirhivu… ‘troubles have broadened my heart’ – to Ruth 1/19.

”Ki eth asher yohav Ha-Shem yokhiah, ukh’av eth ben yirtse ‘for Ha-Shem reproves him who He loves, and as a father He desires His son’ (Proverbs 3/12) – for it is accepted for a father to chastise his son only, whereas if his (the father’s) friend does not accept his reproof, he lets him go his own way to wherever he desires” – to Proverbs 3/12.


Translated for the spiritual elevation of Tzivia daughter of Dovid in the world to come. This translation was by more than one person and over a long period of time, therefore minor variations in translating styles appear here

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