The Left Wing Smear Campaign About Tuvia Grossman & Non-Jewish Kids Wearing Maga Hats

Tuvia Grossman and the Covington Catholic School Fiasco

What was the Tuvia Grossman incident?

Back in the year 2000, AP took a photo which the NY Times and other papers ran. The Times claimed the photo showed an Israeli policeman and a beaten up Palestinian teen on the Temple Mount.

Except that that this never happened (also, “Palestinian” never happened either, but that’s a different issue).

The beaten boy in the photo was a Jewish-American student named Tuvia Grossman. An Arab lynch mob pulled Tuvia and his two friends out of a taxi in Wadi al-Joz, in eastern Jerusalem, and brutally beat them up. They also stabbed Tuvia in the leg. Tuvia lost 3 pints of blood from the attack and was hospitalized.

The photo actually shows Israeli policeman Gidon Tzefadi running over to save Tuvia from the Arab lynch mob. (The event launched HonestReporting, dedicated to expose these distortions by the media regarding Israel and Jews.)

Joe Settler, the author of the article quoted above, was reminded of this incident because of a recent smear campaign against Non-Jewish boys wearing Maga hats. The smear campaign made it seem as if Non-Jewish boys wearing Maga hats were provoking and taunting a Native-American “Indian” man. A new video has surfaced providing the context and it turns out it was the other side including a group of foul-mouthed Black Hebrew Israelites (who have no connection to Hebrew or Israel, and are deeply anti-Semitic) who were provoking and cursing the boys.

For details see:

For another example of a left-wing smear see where left-wing activists broke into the homes of residents from Mitzpeh Yair (Israeli settlers) and began filming inside their homes. Then they distorted the event to make it seem like the settlers were the bad guys.
Moral: Even when you see something on video, you must inquire who really was involved and what was the context, before the event.

Clarification: Pointing out the bad behavior of the American Indian in this one incident (against the boys wearing the Maga hats) is not meant to be construed as an endorsement of all USA government behavior towards American Indians in general.

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