Sledgehammer the Book by Former Ambassador D. Friedman is Another Proof that From the Perspective of the Temple Mount and Judea & Samaria, the Lesser of Evils Was a Win by the Incompetent, Left-Winger, Joe Biden

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The Temple Mount

In a review of the book Sledgehammer by Rabbi Yair Hoffman at we get an inside view of what led to the Abraham Accords.

A Central Claim Made by the Book: CONNECTING A TO B

The left-wing media has developed an inexplicable disconnect between what this reviewer will call “A” the strong initial positions of the former administration’s Israel policies and the unprecedented Abraham Accords, which we will call “B.”The left-wing media states that there is nothing about “A” that led to “B. ”What were the strong positions? What was “A?” Well one of them was the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem. The second one was strongly denouncing support for terrorist behavior and creating a strong support structure for Israel. The third was in recognizing the Golan as part of Israel, and there is more.

In Chapter 13 of Sledgehammer, entitled, “Peace: From the Outside In,” David Friedman gives us the inside view of how “A”. in fact, had led precisely to “B.” Indeed, the entire book argues the following: If there was no “A” – there would be no “B…


It seems that there was a critical point or discovery that Jared Kushner had made. When the Gulf state leadership had referred to Jerusalem – they weren’t referring to the city. They were referring to the Al Aqsa Mosque. If somehow, the peace plan would encourage Muslim tourism and the ability to visit that mosque with more hotels, restaurants, and other amenities, then it would be very likely accepted by some of the Arab states. The three worked on a peace plan together, but the Palestinian Arabs utterly rejected it….


In researching the underpinnings of the Yitzchak Rabin 1995 Oslo Accords, the ambassador had discovered that Rabin’s true position had been hijacked both by the Israeli-Left and the American-Left. In Rabin’s speech to the Knesset he explained that the Palestinian Arab entity his administration envisions will independently run the lives of the Palestinian Arabs under its authority but would not be a state, and not in the entirety of Yehudah and Shomron. He refused to consider any return to pre-1967 lines or anything resembling it.

Here ends my quotations of the review. Rabbi Yair Hoffman speaks with approval towards David Friedman’s goal of creating a new version of the Oslo  Accords. We at strongly condemn the Oslo Accords for a number of reasons, some of which are listed in the article Why G-d let Bin-Laden Succeed! A Jewish Perspective on the Destruction of the World Trade Center in New York

Precisely because Joe Biden is not able to offer the bait of what David Friedman called A, he will have reduced ability to get what David Friedman called B, and is therefore currently the lesser of evils.

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