Shocker: Israel’s Super Spy Jonathan Pollard Using A Very Poor Line of Reasoning Backs Naftali Bennett’s Partner in Fraud, Ayelet Shaked for the Next Election! To His Credit After Criticism, Pollard Retracts!

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In a video message, Pollard announced:

“Because of my unqualified love of this country, and my dedication to her survival and wellbeing, I must now endorse someone who I know will serve Israel in a way that will safeguard both our core interests and our honor.
“That person is Ayelet Shaked.
“Yes, she exhibited misplaced loyalty in our last government. But I truly believe that she realizes the mistake that she made and will not repeat her error.
“We need her now, free and clear of the bad influences that hurt both her personal reputation and her political credibility.
“We all make errors in judgment. The difference is between those of us who refuse to acknowledge such errors and those of us who recognize their errors and commit never to repeat them.
“I believe that Ayelet Shaked is just such a person, and deserves to be given an opportunity to continue being part of Israel’s leadership.
“At this difficult and dangerous time in our history, we need and deserve a proven patriot like Ayelet Shaked.”

For the record, Shaked told News12 a few weeks ago that she had one regret: relying on a non-Zionist party (Ra’am).

She had no regrets about serving alongside some serious anti-Zionist MKs in the left-wing Jewish parties, and did not promise to join a right-wing coalition party should she manage to get into the next Knesset. In fact, she says she wants to again form a “broad” coalition which includes the parties on the left.

Pollard’s unexpected endorsement (he has remained a-political since his arrival from the US in late 2020), comes at a time when Shaked’s Zionist Spirit has been failing consistently to cross the 3.25% minimum vote threshold.

Comment: This endorsement is very dangerous, since it might be sufficient to influence some of the Bennett supporters who were betrayed in the last round of elections to come back to the party. It might be her ticket to passing the 3.25% minimum vote threshold.

Ayelet Shaked has quite frequently lied about her policy positions and shouldn’t be trusted at all. There are many other reasons to reject this endorsement and more might be added to this topic in the future.

Comment 2# It is very sad that Jonathan Pollard who was tortured in U.S.A. prisons is now backing a candidate who favored the torture of Jewish Hilltop Settlers.

For additional background on this topic, see:

Update: The rebuke given Pollard seems to have worked. Less than a day after his endorsement, the Hebrew web site reported that Pollard retracted his endorsement. He added there were indeed grounds to believe, Ayelet Shaked would cheat right-wing voters once again (although this is a summary and not an exact quote).