A Demonstration of Shabak Torture in the Duma Investigation

Violating Shabbat to Prepare A Jew to Withstand Possible Shabak Torture?
Rabbi Dov Lior says, Yes! Rabbi Yaakov Ariel says, No!

To hear or download the audio of this lecture, press on the link 60ribo.org.il/storage/audio/duma.mp3
Talmud tractate Yoma page 85, gives an example how far we go to save on Shabbat:

It was taught in the mishna: With regard to one upon whom a rockslide fell, and there is uncertainty whether he is there under the debris or whether he is not there; and there is uncertainty whether he is still alive or whether he is dead; and there is uncertainty whether the person under the debris is a gentile or whether he is Jew, one clears the pile from atop him.

Minor slit his wrist after weeks of torture. (photograph allowed after 2 weeks)
For those interested https://honenu.org/ is an organization that defends these types of victims of the Shabak.
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